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Light Commercial HVAC

Today, a variety of commercial building heaters & air conditioners work hard to provide businesses and building owners with reliable comfort and daily operations, no matter how large or small the space. Just as there is great variety in the types of areas which require climate control, so too is there a diversity of choice when it comes to the systems responsible for providing a proper temperature to those areas.

Although Apex Heating & Cooling is primarily a residential service provider, we are fully capable in servicing certain businesses with affordable HVAC solutions for small commercial buildings, which is why they’re a popular choice. They’re suitable for shops, restaurants and buildings with sever rooms and small offices as they allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms.

Commercial heating and cooling systems differ to residential solutions in numerous ways, primarily because HVAC solutions for commercial use need to be larger and more powerful than those used in households. For example, a single split system may not be suitable for a high-rise office block or industrial commercial AC unit. However, such a solution may be perfectly fine for small commercial businesses, such as restaurants, shops, and individual offices within a building.
Deciding which type of HVAC solution to purchase can be challenging, which is why you might benefit from hiring an HVAC contractor to determine your needs. Qualified HVAC specialists will bear in mind your space’s dimensions, climate, insulation, energy regulations, running costs and a range of other factors to recommend the most suitable system for you.

If you have any questions about light commercial HVAC solutions or want to discuss your options with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call.